Get a happier, healthier animal in just 5 minutes using the Elemental Acupressure System.

We call it E.A.Sy. Acupressure
You’ll call it a game changer for your animal’s health and wellbeing.
E.A.Sy. Acupressure is the most accessible and effective way to help animals feel their best fast.
Founded in ancient wisdom. Used today because it works.
Keep your animal HEALTHY
E.A.Sy. Acu supports
health & wellness care
Keep your animal HAPPY
E.A.Sy. Acu benefits
relaxation & learning
Keep your bond STRONG
E.A.Sy. Acu cultivates
connection & closeness
E.A.Sy. Acupressure lives up to its name.
If you can pat your animal, you can do acupressure.
Quickly, Easily, Safely, with Consistent Results.
Get started the E.A.Sy. way. It’s:
  • simple – we teach children E.A.Sy. Acupressure for dogs in under half an hour
  • quick – The E.A.Sy. Acupoints take just seconds (but keep going if your cat is loving it)
  • effective – acupoint work has been proved in scientific studies* and is approved by the World Health Organization*
  • safe – used and recommended by veterinarians
  • practical – we’ve used E.A.Sy. Acupressure with elite performance horses around the globe with huge success
  • universal – we’ve been sharing it with thousands of happy students and their animals for 30 years
  • enduring – acupoint work has been used successfully for MILLENIA to keep animals (including humans) feeling their best
  • E.A.Sy. Acupressure works in a gentle, non-invasive way animals love!
EASY Acu 1
All you need to learn E.A.Sy Acu  is about 15 minutes.
The free PDF has 3 E.A.Sy. Acupoints + 1 simple technique.
Your animal will be melting with pleasure in no time!
PS: This is AcuPRESSURE, not acupuncture. No needles involved – or needed!

Curious who’s behind all this?

EASY Acu 2

I’m Susan Tenney and I’m an animal lover just like you! I’ve also spent the last 30 years showing people how to use acupressure with their animals.

I’ve worked internationally with National Agility Champions and the Swiss and Gold Medal winning United States Equestrian Teams as well as countless rescues and backyard horses.

What ties it all together? Knowing that ALL animal lovers can offer the magic of touch to the animals they love.

And what’s more, countless students report that not only do they get GREAT results, they feel a deeper sense of connection with their animals after using these techniques too.

Remember: If you can PAT your animal,
you CAN do E.A.Sy. Acupressure.
Just click the green button and we’ll send you your Free E.A.Sy. Acupressure PDF including: ** How to use E.A.Sy. Acupressure to relax your animal **THE simplest E.A.Sy. Acupressure technique of all **Easy instructions on how to find THREE  acupoints to help animals cope with fear, stress, and overstimulation **Point photos on HORSES, CATS, and DOGS so you can see EXACTLY where the points lie on YOUR animal.
EASY Acu 3

Once you know the E.A.Sy. Acupoints, you can activate them in under 5 minutes.

The magic of acupressure will live in your fingertips forever. Give it a try!

[* Scientific studies and references are shared in the free PDF]

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