Are you ready for an emergency?

Prepare your Animal Acupressure First Aid Kit
to help your animal in a crisis

a Free Live Training on Friday Sept 2 offered at two times to serve our global community

Session ONE: Friday Sept 2 at NOON Pacific/3PM Eastern/20:00 UK/21:00 Central Euro

or 6 hours later…  Session TWO: Friday Sept 2 at 6 PM/18:00 PACIFIC

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Simple Acupressure for Animal Emergencies

a FREE Live Training from Elemental Acupressure

Do you know how to help your animal's health and behavior in a crisis?
Set yourself up NOW so you are READY!

Health Emergencies?

Learn easy acupoints to keep your animal stable until medical help arrives.

Behavioral Emergencies?

Keep your animal calm even if the emotions are high in the drama of chaos

Situational Emergencies?

Manage your animal’s wellbeing during evacuations or other scary events.

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When the manure hits the fan you need to help your animal get safe and stable – FAST.

Having acupressure on hand gives you a powerful tool to keep your animal calm, stable, and trusting so you can take the right next steps.

Emergency Acupressure helps your animal…

  • stay calmer when  surrounded by chaos
  • stay more stable until you can get medical care
  • stay safer because handling becomes easier 
  • start healing with points used for centuries to benefit health and wellness – even the W.H.O. says these points are effective!
  • recover more quickly – when you reduce the stress of the event, your animal can become more resilient

Build your Animal Acupressure First Aid Kit!

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This simple sequence of acupoints is quick, easy, safe, and effective.

And it’s FREE.

Come learn the best simple points for your animal’s ACUPRESSURE FIRST AID KIT!

Welcome, Animal Lover

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I’m Susan Tenney and I’ve been sharing these techniques with animal lovers just like you around the globe for 30 years.

These points give you a simple way to stabilize your animals, handle them more safely, and get them to safety. From health crises to evacuations during natural disasters, ACUPRESSURE anchors you when life spins out of control.

With your Acupressure First Aid Kit in place you can stop feeling panicky and start taking ACTION during an emergency.

Then you can get to WORK to transform even the worst situation into a best case scenario.

So join me for this latest free training from Elemental Acupressure so you (and your animals) can feel your best even when scary things come your way!

Join us for this FREE Emergency Acupressure event on Friday Sept 2, 2022

We go live at noon Pacific/3 PM Eastern/20:00 UK/21:00 Central European.

And then AGAIN 6 hours later at 6 PM/18:00 Pacific

in order to serve our global audience!

Can’t join us live? No problem – we’ll have a replay as long as the tech gods are feeling cooperative.

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