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Feel the Energy

tap into the source of your pet's wellness

Energy is the life force in all living beings

It flows through your pet’s body activating all systems from the brain to the digestion
It’s the peaceful happy sparkle in your dog’s eye on a perfect Spring morning walk
It’s the deep sense of connection you feel when your cat purrs blissfully in your lap
You can tap into that energy and help your animal to THRIVE. It’s not only for the pros or the intuitively gifted. You can do it too.
Yes. You.
Quickly, easily, and effectively.

Get started with our super quick and simple methods.

These approaches are…

  • quick – They take just seconds (though you’re free to keep going if your pet is loving it)
  • simple – We teach children to do them in an afternoon
  • effective – they’ve been proved in scientific studies1
  • accessible and successful we’ve taught them internationally to animal lovers around the globe who use  them with their animals -even for performance animals like agility champs and police dogs
And these methods work in a gentle non-invasive way that animals love!
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All you need start is to give me 20 minute of your time to give our simple exercise a try. Not only is it quick, it is absolutely FREE

Curious who’s behind all this?

I’m Susan Tenney and I’m an animal lover just like you!

I’ve spent the last three decades showing people how to use energy-based techniques like acupressure with their animals. I’ve worked internationally with animals of all kinds from Gold Medal winning United States Equestrian Team horses to aging rescue dogs and cats – and  the one thing that ties them all together is ENERGY.

My specialty? I LOVE showing you how to tap in your animal’s energy to benefit movement, health, behavior, training, and even performance. And the best part is that YOU can do it for your own animal and get results like the pros.  Students have also seen rapid improvements in their results with the acupressure, Reiki, stretching, and more. And what’s more, countless students report that they feel a deeper sense of connection with their pets after using these techniques.

I’ve shared EnergyWork™ with thousands of people from over 30 countries ranging from homeschool kids to elders.

Now it’s your turn.

All you have to do is click the link below and we’ll send you access to your Free EnergyWork™ Micro-Training including:

One short video introduction + one short video instruction – In less than 20 min you’ll have learned this easy technique and you can use it today with your animal!

A PDF worksheet summarizing the steps so you can repeat them any time, any where, quickly, easily, and effectively. I’ll also suggest a ton of everyday ways you can use this technique to help your animal.

Once you try it you can tap into your pet’s energy in just seconds – though you can stay connected longer if you and your furry friend are loving it!  Come give it a try!

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[1: Scientific studies in energetic healing are referenced in the free PDF]

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