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Beat the Heat

A FREE set of simple acupressure points to keep your animal cooler & happier - even during the dog days of summer

When the mercury rises, our furry friends can suffer

Help your dogs, cats, & horses with the power of touch

Simple acupressure points act like steam vents and help your animals get and stay COOL

Basic acupressure takes less than 5 minutes – and the effects can last all day long

Acu enhances the  deep connection you share with your animal

Acupressure points have helped humans with sweating issues, heat intolerance – even heat stroke – for centuries.

Now you can call on the power of acupoints for your animals.

Yes. You.
Quickly, easily, and successfully.

Get started with our super quick, super simple methods.


These approaches are…

  • simple – We teach children to do them safely with dogs in less than an hour
  • quick – The points take just seconds (but keep going if your cat is loving it)
  • effective – they’ve been proved in scientific studies1
  • practical – we’ve used them with top performing horses from around the globe

Acupressure works in a gentle, non-invasive way that animals love!

Acupoints for Heat 1

All you need to get started is 20 minutes. In that time you can easily learn the simple points and the super safe techniques. You’ll be using them to help your animal stay cool in no time!

Curious who’s behind all this?

Acupoints for Heat 2

I’m Susan Tenney and I’m an animal lover just like you! I’ve also spent the last 30 years showing people how to use acupressure with their animals.

I’ve worked internationally with National Agility Champions and Gold Medal winning United States Equestrian Teams as well as countless rescues and back yard horses.

What ties it all together? Knowing that ALL animal lovers can offer the magic of touch to the animals they love.

And what’s more, countless students report that not only do they get GREAT results, they feel a deeper sense of connection with their animals after using these techniques too.

If you can PAT your animal, you can do acupressure.

Just click the green button and we’ll send you your Free Acupressure Micro-Training including:

** How to use acupressure for to cool your animal down

**THE simplest acupressure method to get big results in the least time

**Easy instructions on how to find  4 AMAZING points – each proven to help animals cope with high heat

**Photos on HORSES, CATS, and DOGS so you can see EXACTLY where the points lie on YOUR animal.

Sound good? Well your ANIMAL sure thinks it does…

Acupoints for Heat 3

Once you know the acupoints you can activate them in just seconds.

The magic of acupressure will live in your fingertips forever.  Give it a try!

[1: Scientific studies are referenced in the free training]

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