Quarterly Course Bundles 1

Quarterly Course Bundles


We offer four Quarters at a discounted rate for our students.

All Quarters are valued at a little more than $1000 when the courses are purchased individually.

Students who purchase a Quarter will receive a $100 discount at the time of purchase.

1st Quarter

Introduction to Acupressure
Introduction to the Five Elements
Introduction to Shiatsu
Wood Element – Liver and Gallbladder Meridians
Fire Element A – Heart and Small Intestine Meridians

2nd Quarter

Basic Anatomy for Horses OR Basic Anatomy for Dogs (student’s choice)
Earth Element – Spleen and Stomach Meridians
Metal Element – Lung and Large Intestine Meridians
Five Element Session Work – Working with clients using the Five Elements

3rd Quarter

EnergyWork – Grounding
Water Element – Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridians
Fire Element B – Pericardium and Triple Heater Meridians
Acupressure for the Back and Hindquarters
Acupressure for Colic and other Digestive Issues

4th Quarter

Nurturing Vitality for Animals of All Ages
Acupressure for the Immune System
EnergyWork – Energy Clearing
Anatomy for Horses OR Anatomy for Dogs (you’ll receive the one you didn’t choose in Block Two)
Certification Exam

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