AcuPoint Solutions for your Senior Dog

$ 39.00

An online Senior dog acupressure kit to re-ignite your dog’s sparkle!

Re-ignite your senior dog’s sparkle with our online acupressure course!

Our simple, safe and effective acupressure point formula puts

  • the spring in his step so he moves more comfortably
  • the wag in his tail because he feels more healthy and vigorous
  • the shine in his eye as he re-engages in the world around him

Our Acu-Solutions acupressure formula was designed with your beloved senior dog in mind. These special points reinvigorate your senior dog’s health and happiness AND give you a deeper connection through touch. Learn how to use this safe and simple DIY acupressure formula with your dog using our online acupressure course.

Afraid you can’t do it? Think you need an expert to do the acupressure points on your dog? No worries! We’ll do it together! Our all-inclusive step-by-step course will hold your hand every step of the way.

Step 1:  Learn our “Simple as 1-2-3” approach to the acupressure moves.
Step 2:  Use our friendly pdf’s and short videos to find the points quickly and easily.
Step 3:  Tie it all together into a super relaxing 6 minute routine your dog will LOVE.
 You’ll be up and running in no time! And your dog just might be up and running again too.

Check out what your fellow pet owners say about using this course:

“My dog relaxed into our sessions entirely. He got so calm and happy.

“Along with the other care we give him, the acupressure has helped him so much. He’s climbing stairs no problem and getting around just fine, full of smiles! It’s short lived, (he’s 13) but I’ll take as many days/weeks/months as we can get as long as he’s happy!”

“As I went through the kit, I was reflecting on how much money has been spent on vet visits for my dog, including acupuncture. I thought about how stressful it is for him to go into those buildings. And while I know that acupressure does not replace the need for some of those visits (especially the urgent ones he has had), it is always a HUGE relief to find something that can be done in the home. That is worth $ to me.”

“One of my cats who is a bit stand-off-ish loved our first session, he stuck to me like glue for several days afterward.”

“I loved everything about the kit. The points were easy to find on my dog, especially after you described what we should feel when we find the correct point.”

My dog LOVES the Deep Wellness & Power Up points!”

Check out our laminated Senior Dog companion chart

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