Your Elemental Matrix

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This time the healing is for YOU! Discover your Elemental Matrix – your unique Five Element archetype – and reveal an ancient customized approach to reduce stress, increase resilience, optimize health, and attain emotional equilibrium even when faced by all of life’s most challenging moments.

Reveal your own unique Elemental Matrix and discover a whole new way of staying healthy and happy.

You’ve heard about your animal’s Elemental Matrix (their pattern or archetype from Classical Five Element Theory ) but what about YOUR OWN Elemental Matrix?

Most people look at their personal lives and see a mess of separate, disconnected problems that all need a separate solutions.

  • Anxiety (or stress or depression or any other emotional challenge)? You have to find a therapist or DIY solutions to help you
  • Joint pain (or any other  body ache, pain, or illness)? Find another health specialist to treat that pain or find MORE DIY solutions
  • Low energy (or any other indication that you are not living at optimum health)? Find yet another specialist or yet another approach to get solutions
  • and on it goes…

What if you could to tie everything together into one clear unified pattern and then have custom solutions for that pattern? No Problem!

Discover your Elemental Matrix and simplify your approach to health and wellness.

You’ll learn

  • How to easily identify your Elemental Matrix – we take the confusion out of ancient Five Element (5E) theory 
  • Customized wellness approaches for each 5E Archetype – stop using health approaches meant for the OTHER Archetypes
  • AcYOUpressure to support your health – stop guessing which points are right for your unique needs
  • No-Nonsense meditations to support your emotional equilibrium – you can be emotionally resilient even when life hits the fan

Video Instruction

  • Videos describing each of the Five Elemental Archetypes in detail
  • Each Archetype’s  personal learning style, relationship style, health profile, and stress response- AND practical skills for how to stay more balanced when you go off track
  • 5+ hours of video instruction covering Five Element theory and acupressure techniques all broken into small mini-videos making learning fast and easy

Class Manuals

  • Detailed text manual summarizing the Five Elements and simple practical meditations for each Archetype
  • Illustrated manual with point information and acYOUpressure guidelines for each Element
  • How-to apply basic acYOUpressure techniques

LIVE online meetings and Direct Access to your Instructor

  • Starting June 8, 2021 we’ll run a series of SIX live online meetings for students to give unparalleled support for your learning adventure. These  meetings (and the replay recordings) bring your home study process to LIFE by giving you a TON of extra learning (doubling the hours of course resources) and a very real way to get feedback instantly from the teachers. Our students LOVE our live meetings and say it was their favorite part of class. Students who purchase this course now or later are ALWAYS invited to join ANY of the meetings for this course in the future.
  • Have questions while going through your course? We are here to help! Post in the private OFF Facebook group, in our immensely popular EA Guild, just for your class. Your instructors will send back tips and feedback to make sure you get all the help you need. The group will also become YOUR favorite place to meet up with your sister students who share their acupressure adventure with you.

This class is open to all levels.

Your Elemental Matrix is one of our Specialized Classes. Join us to add some great new techniques to your own personal care tool box or use it as the start to a whole new adventure in Classical Chinese Medicine.

Ask us a question about this course—we are always happy to help! 

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