Honor your Water

Cultivate vitality and build resilience
with the Gentle Wellness Resource Guide
so you can thrive with grace in a stressful world

A wise woman recently wrote: “If toughness is a survival skill, gentleness is a thriving skill… When we learn to be gentle, we allow ourselves to recover from stress, enjoy our lives, and connect deeply with those around us.” *

Many of us have forgotten how to be kind and gentle to ourselves. It's time to remember.

See how the Water Element offers deep wisdom in gentleness and rest

Learn 3 simple acupressure points that nurture your Water Element and soothe your soul

Learn simple tips for honoring the Water Element in you & your animal to build  vitality

Understanding the needs of our Water Element has guided practitioners of East Asian Medicine in supporting human and animal vitality for centuries.

Call on the power of the Water Element to restore your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness so you have more energy for yourself and for those you love.

Curious who’s behind all this?

Water Element Wellness - A Gentle Wellness Resource Guide 1

I’m Susan Tenney and I’ve spent the last 30 years showing people how to use the Five Elements (including the Water Element) to nurture wellness for our animals.

In that time I’ve come to understand that WE need to thrive too before we can fully understand how to help our animals.

When we really learn how to nourish OUR deeper vitality, we know how to make better choices for our animals too.

And what’s more, countless students report that not only do they get GREAT results with their animals, they feel a deeper sense of  peace and balance in their lives.

In the summer of 2023, Susan talked with the lovely Alexa Linton of the Whole Horse Podcast about nurturing deep wellness through gentleness and rest. This theme is something we feel strongly about here at Elemental Acupressure. We created this Gentle Wellness Resource Guide to accompany the release of the podcast so you can get the MOST out of this important discussion. (I’ll share the links to the other related episodes on this theme too).

We’ve watched animal pros (and animal lovers in general) struggle to find balance between living their ambitious, passion-fueled dream of serving animals and finding a way to care for themselves, manage caregiver fatigue, and set healthy boundaries with work and home life. 

If that sounds like you, you need solutions that allow you to create a sustainable lifestyle that nurtures you as much as you nurture others.  Use this Resource Guide to support your Water Element so you can have more energy and resilience for your busy days.

Water Element Wellness - A Gentle Wellness Resource Guide 2

[* Quote from an article by Ingrid Fetell Lee:  https://aestheticsofjoy.com/ways-to-be-gentle-with-yourself]

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