Formation – prix des cours

Ready to dive in and  start some acupressure? Begin with just one course or go all in – the choice is up to you. Your options are summarized at the bottom.

Individual Pay as you go courses

Full classes cost $225; half classes cost $150. You may purchase as many classes as you’d like, any time you’d like. The list of classes is here.

Quarterly courses

You may also purchase a discounted block of Quarterly courses. You will need to complete all four Quarters to finish the full program and receive your Elemental Acupressure certificate.

Here is the complete list of the four Quarters you’ll need for your certificate.
The price for each Quarter is $850. A total savings of $200 over the individual Pay as you go class price.

Note: You are welcome to create a custom course bundle. Just contact us and let us know your goals.

One-time payment

You may also purchase the entire program at once.

The price of the entire program when purchased at one time is $3,200 (a savings of $400 over the individual Pay as you go class price and $200 over the Quarterly price)

Signup Bonus you’ll receive 7 laminated Elemental Acupressure charts at no cost to you.
The value of this bonus (including free shipping) is more than $130.

Canine Meridians, Point Summary, and Shiatsu
Equine Meridians, Point Summary, and Shiatsu
Five Element Theory for Animals

Payment Methods

You may purchase classes through PayPal or by bank transfer. PayPal accepts major credits cards even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Please note: All class fees are non-refundable.

Quarterly payment

$ 3400
  • Save $200
  • 4 installments of $850
  • 4 quarters of four to six classes each

One-time payment

$ 3200
  • Save $400
  • 7 FREE charts ($13 0+ Value!)
  • Instant access to all classes
  • One payment of $3200
Best Value!

Pay as you go

$ 3600
  • Classes are ready when you are
  • Pay $150 - $225 per class
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