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simple touch for happy healthy animals

Welcome Animal Lover!

We all want our animals to live long, happy, healthy lives.

We also want to connect deeply.

The magic of touch makes both dreams come true.

Hi, I’m Susan Tenney, co-founder of Elemental Acupressure.

I love showing you how to help your animal sparkle with health and happiness by harnessing the power of acupressure, shiatsu, and EnergyWork.


Our acupressure techniques are so simple we’ve taught 8 year olds to do them.

They’re so effective we use them with World Champions.

Acupressure is so safe vets recommend it.

So universal we’ve shared it with animal lovers across the globe.

Animals LOVE acupressure. Doesn’t your animal deserve to feel this good?

Where are you on your animal acupressure journey?

I’m just starting

I want to learn acupressure for my own animals

I want to be certified

I’d like to practice animal acupressure as a career

I’m an animal pro

I’m looking for continuing education and mentoring

Try acupressure with your animal!

Love notes from our students

From Barbara in the US

Being mentored by Elemental Acupressure was an extraordinary a gift! Susan is a fabulous teacher, making learning relevant, experiential, fun! Chinese Medicine is complex, but Susan’s spin on it makes it easy to learn. Her own experiences are extensive, and she will generously offer tools to harmonize your relationship with horses.

From Aline in Switzerland

Like a waterfall, your passion “flows” through me. Following your courses opened my heart, my touch, and my mind in so many ways! What an experience! Your smile and kindness shine. You are an amazing teacher!

From Lisa in Canada

I have not had any luck learning from books or YouTube. Right after your short presentation I went out and tried the calming points. My mare was a little antsy at first, but less than halfway through the first side her head was down and half asleep! Success!

From Tanya in the UK

I came across your videos & thought they were brilliant. You have an amazing positive energy around you… & I loved the way you explained things… felt very inspired. You’re very inclusive and open, and it’s obvious that all you want is to share your knowledge & help as many people as possible to learn how to make our loved animal friends feel better & in balance.

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