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Acupressure pour le dos et l’arrière-main

$ 150,00

An intermediate class for acupressure practitioners who want to support a strong healthy back and hind quarters in animals.

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For many animals, a healthy back is the key to a healthy life! A strong, supple, resilient back and hind quarters allows good movement, less pain, more years of riding for horses and play for all animals.  

In this course you’ll learn some of our favorite point protocols to keep animals of all ages healthy in the back and hind quarters. You’ll learn the theories behind why those point selections work and learn multiple approaches for your sessions.

Acupressure for the Back and Hindquarters is one of our Specialized classes. These classes are designed for intermediate and advanced students of animal acupressure. They synthesize material from the Foundation and Element courses into super-practical symptom-based approaches for your sessions. They are the ultimate practical acupressure education for your animal acupressure practice.

You’ll learn:

  • Why so many animals need help with back and hind quarter issues
  • Points to help with both acute and chronic back and hind quarter conditions
  • Several different approaches to use in your session work and why to use them
  • How to blend the points into effective sequences in your sessions

Video Instruction:

  • Discussion of the theory of  both regular and Extraordinary Vessel acu points
  • An introduction to the Girdle Channel, a powerful Extraordinary Vessel for HQ issues
  • Videos showing point location on horses and dogs
  • Videos demonstrating how to use the points in a gentle flowing sequence

Class Manuals:

  • Illustrated manual with point information and acupressure guidelines
  • Detailed anatomical point location diagrams for horses and small animals
  • Two full color point location photo manuals – one for small animals and one for horses

Direct Access to your Instructor:

  • Periodically we run a series of live online meetings for students to give extra support for the learning process. Students who purchase this course are invited to join any of the meetings for this course in the future.
  • Ready for some feedback on your progress? We are here to help! Send us homework exercises and videos of you practicing acupressure on animals or post in the special Facebook group just for your class. Your instructor will send back tips and feedback to make sure you stay on track.

Ask us a question We are happy to help!

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