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Certification Program – Course Fees

Ready to dive in and  start some acupressure? Begin with just one course or go all in – the choice is up to you.

Your 3 payment options are summarized in a table at the bottom.

Option 1: Individual Pay as you go courses

Most online classes in our  Certification Program cost $325. Some shorter classes with fewer online meetings cost $225. You may purchase as many classes as you’d like, any time you’d like.

The list of classes is here. Not sure where to start ? Feel free to let us help!

Option 2: Course Bundles

Classes can also be purchased as a series of three course bundles which make up the full Certification Program. Choosing this option gives you 15% off – a  savings of $900 over the course of the Program.

To kick off your studies, choose either the Acu Foundations Bundle or the EnergyWork Foundations Bundle. Then continue with our Step 2 Bundle to finish your first year of studies.

Note that students who started with the Acu Foundations should purchase the Acupressure Step Two Bundle. Students who started with the EnergyWork™ Foundations should purchase the EnergyWork™ Foundations should purchase the EnergyWork™ Step Two Bundle. This assures that by the end of year one, all students have taken the same courses and are ready for their second year.

In your second year you will go through the courses in the  Year Two Bundle and take the exam. These three Bundles (Foundations, Step 2, and Year Two) allow you to spread out your payments while also earning a generous discount. (more details here about which courses are included in each Bundle)

Option 3: One-time payment


When you purchase the entire program at one time you will over 20% off the single course price. That’s a savings of $1150 ! You’ll also receive bonuses worth an additional $150!

Signup BonusesTo get you started you’ll receive  No Pressure Acupressure –  our super popular EnergyWork™ starter course. Then we’ll send you 7 laminated Elemental Acupressure charts (listed below) including free shipping. These bonuses are valued at an additional $155.

Bonus Laminated charts: Canine Meridians, Canine Point Summary, and Canine Shiatsu , Equine Meridians, Equine Point Summary, and Equine Shiatsu,  Five Element Theory for Animals

We encourage you to find the Payment option that works best for you.

Payment Methods

You may purchase classes through PayPal or by bank transfer. PayPal accepts major credits cards even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Please note: All class fees are non-refundable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Have questions? Reach out. We’re always happy to help!

Pay As You Go

buy single courses when you want
$ 5750
  • Courses ready when you are
  • Select only what you need
  • Instant lifetime access

Course Bundles

buy a bundle and save
$ 4850
  • Save $900
  • Pay in 3 installments
  • Instant access to full course bundle

Onetime Payment

go all in and save the most
$ 4600
  • Save $1150 + get EXTRA bonuses
  • Instant forever access to all courses
  • 7 FREE laminated acu charts
  • FREE No Pressure Acu mini-course
  • FREE It's Elementary (IE) course
  • IE PRO live meetings in Spring '24
Best Value!
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