Elemental Acupressure

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Welcome to the wondrous world of animal acupressure!

You’re in the right place if

  • you love your animal and want to share a deep connection

  • you want to help your animal feel her best

  • you’d love to try some acupressure or massage to make that happen!

You’re also in the right place if you want those techniques to be

  • Simple

  • Safe

  • Speedy

  • And, of course, super effective

You can use Acupressure for

  • Movement—improve biomechanical issues like lameness or a stiff gait

  • Performance—optimize your dog’s agility performance or your horse’s dressage test

  • Aging—help your animal with arthritis or low energy

  • Specific health conditions—address a chronic cough or a weight problem

  • Behavior—soothe anxiety or aggression

  • Boosting Overall Health—because who doesn’t want their animal to feel great?

Elemental Acupressure can help with ALL of that!
Sound good? Of course it does!

A Quick Note: If you have any health concerns about your animal, the first place to go is your trusted holistic veterinarian. Once you’ve seen your vet, use acupressure and bodywork to help support your animal’s health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have classes for beginners?

Yes! We love working with animal lovers who want to support the health of the animals in their lives. Learn the basics of acupressure and Five Element Chinese medicine in our Foundation courses then see how far you want to go. Whether you’re interested in supporting your senior dog or want to work with a whole barn full of horses, our courses give you the skills you need to help your animal friends.

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Can I take individual courses or do I have to enroll in the full Certification Program?

Beginners are always welcome to take individual courses without enrolling in the Certification Program!

Our Foundation Classes are a great place to start. They include: Introduction to Acupressure, Introduction to Shiatsu, Introdution to the Five Elements, and our brand new starter course No Pressure Acupressure.

If you’re interested in any of our more advanced classes, we suggest you contact us before signing up so we can make sure the class you’re registering for is a class that is appropriate for your level of experience.

Can I attend a hands-on course with Elemental Acupressure?

The introductory two-day  GentlePressure course is another great way to start your acupressure adventure. This hands-on course is currently offered in the US and Europe. Hands-on courses can be applied toward the requirements for both the Elemental Acupressure Certificate and NBCAAM Certification.

Welcome to the wondrous world of animal acupressure! 1
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