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A Career in Animal Acupressure

I want to start a career in animal acupressure

Will your program provide me with the training necessary to launch a career in animal acupressure?

Our certification program takes you step by step through introductory and advanced material so that you can work confidently with clients and their animals. Many of our graduates have gone on to start their own professional animal acupressure practices.

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A Career in Animal Acupressure 2

I already work with animals professionally

Will a knowledge of acupressure benefit my current practice?

Yes! Many of our students work in animal-related professions. They say that acupressure training really enhances their work with animals. Here’s how:

  • Trainers use Five Element theory to identify an animal’s unique learning style and physical potential. They say that this approach makes training sessions easier and more effective.
  • Veterinarians use Chinese Medical theory to broaden their diagnostic model and to gain powerful new methods for treating previously unresponsive or untreatable conditions.
  • Animal communicators use their understanding of Five Element behavioral patterns to better understand an animal’s emotional needs. They also coach animals and their caretakers in new approaches for health and well-being.
  • Animal body workers use acupressure to expand the range of methods they offer. They also gain insight into symptom patterns seen in their animal clients.

What certification do I need in order to practice animal acupressure?

A certificate from Elemental Acupressure means that you have completed your courses, exam and required homework to our satisfaction. Requirements for practicing varies widely across the globe. You will need to check with your area to see what the local regulations are.

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