Continuing Education and Mentoring 1

Continuing Education and Mentoring

Are you an animal professional?
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Foundation Courses

These courses are geared to the professional who wants to learn basic techniques for calming and connecting to animals through touch. We offer introductory online courses in basic acupressure and shiatsu massage. 

Continuing Education and Mentoring 2
Continuing Education and Mentoring 2

Certification Program

For those who want to do a deep dive into acupressure and Classical Chinese Medicine theory for animals we offer a full certification program in Elemental Acupressure. We also offer NBCAAM certification.

Five Element theory training

Understanding Five Element theory will give you profound insight into patterns of health, behavior, performance, and learning styles for animals. Anyone working with animals will benefit with this way of understanding how animals think, feel, and learn.

Continuing Education and Mentoring 2
Continuing Education and Mentoring 2

Continuing Education

Are you an animal acupressure or massage practitioner who wants to keep your studies going? Many of our biggest fans are students with certificates from other animal bodywork programs who want a more advanced understanding of the Five Elements, shiatsu, and acupoint theory.

We also offer continuing education credit for those who need to take courses in order to maintain accreditation.


We offer mentoring for individuals and groups.

We host online groups for animal bodyworkers interested in supporting one another. We exchange ideas on how to run your practice and share approaches on how to work with difficult or unusual cases. We love the ongoing support our community offers to each other!

Continuing Education and Mentoring 2

Do any of these services match your needs? Reach out to us – we’d love to connect.

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