Elemental Acupressure

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Certification Program

In our certification program we teach you how to nourish and sustain an animal’s well-being with safe gentle hands-on techniques. Whether you use acupressure to relieve a sport horse’s back pain or Shiatsu to help an aging dog move more smoothly, Elemental Acupressure teaches you practical and effective ways to help animals feel their best.

We show you more than just how to press points to relieve symptoms. Students say that our classes reveal a whole new way of looking at animals and themselves.

Our Certification Program will

  • expand your understanding of health, vitality, and movement
  • enhance your insight into animal behavior, training, and performance
  • deepen your connection with the animals you encounter
  • broaden your knowledge of practical hands-on skills
  • boost your innate ability to work with life force energy (chi)
Certification Program 1
Certification Program 2

What will I learn?


70+ acupressure points to address a wide range of physical symptoms and behavioral issues in animals

Shiatsu Massage

A full-body Shiatsu routine to relieve muscle tension and equalize energy flow in the animal’s body


Practical energetic techniques to strengthen your intuition and help you work effectively with the body’s energy flows

Five Element Theory

Our signature Five Element approach for identifying patterns of health, illness, and behavior in animals. You also learn how to design animal wellness programs for your clients that include bodywork, training and handling based on Five Element theory

Classical Chinese Medicine

A branch of Chinese Medicine that shows you how to nurture health and vitality in the twelve inner organs and meridians (energy pathways)

Basic anatomy

Anatomy training for an understanding of the body’s structure, movement, and biomechanics

Session protocol

Guidelines for creating a professional, successful working environment for you and your clients

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