Events Calendar

This calendar displays the dates for our live online Zoom meetings,  onsite GentlePressure classes, and special events like webinars or presentations. When possible we also list clinics taught by our graduates.

September 2022

More Notes about our Calendar

IMPORTANT: To view future months on this calendar, many students find that they must log into their account.

The listing here for an online class refers to the live online zoom meeting(s) associated with the corresponding online class. These meetings usually happen at only one period each year for any single course – usually 1 meeting per week for 2-4 weeks. 

However, as soon as a student purchases a course they will receive immediate full access to the pre-recorded course materials (videos and pdf etc) as well as the last set of meeting replays. You will not need to wait for the live class meetings to start diving into your course materials!

Also note that most online courses come with lifetime access to the online zoom meetings. Once you have purchased a course you are invited to all yearly zoom meetings for as long as we offer that course.

Questions? Comments? See something you are curious about on the calendar? Let us know

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