Elemental Acupressure’s AcuBasics Mini-Kit

The fast and easy way to connect to your animal through touch.

Techniques so safe and simple that we teach it to children, so effective that we use it with World Champions, so universal we have taught it to thousands of students from 25 countries.


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The #1 thing YOU NEED TO KNOW about Animal Acupressure

Acupressure is easy to do and simple to learn. If you love petting your animal, you can do acupressure!

A Little Known Acu-Secret that makes everything easier

Think that acupressure is complicated and hard to learn? It's not! I'll show you our secret way to make using acupressure ultra simple and super effective

The fast and easy way to Acupressure mastery

We'll show you how to feel like a pro in just 5 minutes with our signature AcuBasics System

The simplest way to help your animal get (and stay) calm

We'll share our super simple hands-on starter sequence for happy healthy animals

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See how we've helped animal lovers just like you get results quickly and easily

I love working with these powerful points! Quick to use and I get to see a response right away. Using these points in our regular routine has strengthened the relationship between Aramis and myself. Many thanks from both of us!!
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Lisa Wilkins
Thank you, Susan. I cannot express the value of your videos and your natural ability to lead and teach. You clearly have a lifetime of knowledge and intuitive gifts to share!
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Marcie Lubore
Thanks for sharing this gift. I found the whole experience fantastic. I have always been interested in Acupressure. However when faced with the complicated theory I have always been a bit overwhelmed. Your points have been so easy and useful. So a massive “Thank you”
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Sue Stopforth

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