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Acu Basics DIY Edition

$ 47.00

All you need to get started with animal acupressure for horses, dogs, and cats.

Do-It-Yourself Edition – Self Paced with Forever Access

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This product is for the ONLINE ONLY version of this course. Are you looking for the IN PERSON version? Please click here >> Acu Basics™ GLOBAL edition

Our online AcuBasics™ course gives you everything you need to get started in your acupressure adventure with your animals. Our motto: If you can PAT your animal you can do acupressure – well!  We have even taught this method to 8 year old pony clubbers and homeschool groups!

In this acupressure starter course you’ll learn super simple, VERY effective ways to keep the animals in your life happier and healthier** just by gently touching points on the body called acupressure points. 

If you’ve ever thought that acupressure would be too hard or too involved to learn THIS is the course for you. We have stripped it down to just the essentials so it is clear, easy, and absolutely learnable by ANY animal lover. We’ve kept the lessons short and bite-sized so you can get through it quickly and start getting results right away.

This class is open to all levels. If you love animals then you are ready for this course.

You’ll learn

  • Simple hands-on techniques for doing acupressure safely and effectively with all species of animals (even people)
  • Point locations for HORSES, DOGS, and CATS
  • How to use a handful of powerful points that work for a wide range of animal health conditions and behavioral issues.
  • How to integrate acupressure into your everyday routine so that it becomes a natural part of your time together with your animal

PDF Manuals

  • How-To manual for horses AND small animals
  • Photo manuals with large clear photos of the point locations on horses AND small animals

Video Instruction

  • Videos showing the simple techniques
  • Discussion of ALL the common questions we have encountered from students in our 25 years of teaching.
  • 2  hours of quick and easy video instruction delivered in our signature style – fun, clear, and accessible to ALL

Need even MORE ?

  • Recordings of our live online weekend event  so you have even more information and support. 
  • Unlimited participation and support in our private OFF Facebook group, the Elemental Acupressure Guild. Post your point photos to receive quick personalized feedback on your work
NEW ! Are you looking for our AcuBasics™ GLOBAL course with the 3 hour ON SITE segment? This is only available in special locations! Use the link to see if there is an Acupressure Ambassador in your region (US, UK, France, Switzerland, and Australia only – and more on the way next year!)

Ok, it all sounds great, but is this class right for me?

Ask us a question We are happy to help!

** NOTE: This course is NOT a substitute for proper medical care from your veterinary professional. If your animal needs medical care, see your trusted veterinarian FIRST then use acupressure to support your animal further.

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