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Post-Pregnancy Acupressure for Mares

$ 39.00

Learn acupressure to help your mare thrive after the birth of her foal. Our AcuPoint Solutions Course puts the points at your fingertips

AcuPoint Solutions Equine Post-Pregnancy

the birth of her foal, your mare needs extra support. Her body is
working hard to feed her baby and recover from the stress of pregnancy.

you can harness the power of acupressure to support her recovery and
help her thrive. Our AcuPoint Solutions Post-Pregnancy Course will
show you an easy to follow sequence of acupoints that nourish and
replenish your mare’s energy.
You’ll learn

  • Points that help your mare recover from her pregnancy so she glows with health
  • Simple hands-on techniques for doing acupressure safely and effectively
  • How to find each point easily and accurately


  • Video showing the location of each point – lots of tips for easy accuracy
  • Describes how each point effects your mare’s health and vitality
  • Demonstration of basic acupressure techniques and safety positions

Photo Manuals

  • Point location manual – see the points up close and clearly labeled
  • How-to manual of basic acupressure techniques

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Check out our laminated Post-Pregnancy companion chart
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