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Susan Tenney Biography

Susan’s students and clients say that she positively shines when she works. Her love of animals comes through in everything she does. To illustrate her ideas, Susan can be theatrical – making an idea come alive by panting like a happy dog or drooping her head and sighing like a horse relaxing into a massage. These images stay with students, helping them integrate ancient Chinese Medical concepts into their modern day lives. To Susan, Five Element acupressure for animals is so insightful and powerful that it seems wondrous. She passes on that sense of wonder to her students, clients, and readers.

Susan feels strongly that massage and acupressure are for everyone – not just the “experts”. This you-can-do-it attitude carries over into her classes where she delights in demystifying Chinese Medicine and Five Element theory. Her deep experience and gentle touch makes her very popular with her students and readers as well as her four-legged clients!

Susan teaches the Shiatsu, acupressure and Five Element theory courses. She is the co-founder of Elemental Acupressure along with her husband, Jonathan Cohn.

Some extra notes about Susan’s work over the last 3 decades: (more details in her CV)

  • Studied with and worked as a teaching assistant for internationally recognized veterinarians Dr. Kerry Ridgeway and Dr. Peggy Fleming
  • Certified in shiatsu by the Shiatsu Institute of San Francisco in 1992
  • Co-founded Equine Energetics (now Elemental Acupressure) with her husband in 1992
  • Has been teaching animal acupressure in Europe and North America since 1995
  • Taught the professional certification programs for the following institutions: Tallgrass Animal Acupressure, Equinology, Equine Energy UK, Equinology Canada, Animal Spirit, Switzerland and Mascot Ausbildungzentrum, Switzerland
  • Additional training and mentorship in animal anatomy, biomechanics, health care and Oriental Medical Theory, and energetic healing arts. Also certified Reiki level 2.
  • Thousands of students from over 20 countries many who have gone on to practice professionally across the globe
  • Has been called the “Grandmother of Animal Acupressure in Switzerland”
  • Worked with FEI level performers in her practice and in her role as the team equine massage therapist for both American and Swiss World Cup teams including gold medal winning horses
  • Regular columnist for Natural Horse Magazine and The Whole Horse Journal. Published in Holistic Horse, the German and English language Tteam newsletters, The Whole Dog Journal as well as being featured in numerous publications in Europe.
  • After living in Switzerland for several years, she now resides in Seattle, WA with her husband and son

download a copy of Susan’s bio and CV here

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