No Pressure Acupressure

$ 19.00

Our online mini-class in touch free acupressure lets you activate the acupoints even when your animal is far away! In this fast and easy starter course you’ll learn super simple ways to keep the animals and people in your life happier and healthier just by directing energy to the points. Use it for all manner of health and behavioral issue as well as general wellness. This class is open and available for all levels.

This mini-class is a great alternative way to work with the points we teach at Elemental Acupressure. Join us for this class to add some great new techniques to your animal care tool box or use it as the start to a whole new acupressure adventure with your animals.

A touch-free method for activating acupoints that ALL animal lovers can master quickly and easily

You’ll learn:

  • Simple techniques for doing acupressure safely and effectively at a distance
  • When to use these techniques – the options are ENDLESS!
  • Guidelines for making No Pressure Acupressure easy, safe and super effective
  • How to use the techniques for any animal or person in your life

Video Instruction:

  • Videos showing each super simple technique
  • Total video instruction under 1.5 hours for quick and easy learning

Live Participation:

  • Extra online meetings in our private study group in Facebook with your teacher, Susan Tenney
  • Unlimited participation in our online study group in Facebook – share questions and success stories receive feedback and support

Direct Access to your Instructor:

  • Ready for some feedback on your progress? We are here to help! Send us photos and videos of you practicing No Pressure Acupressure. Your instructor will send back tips and feedback to make sure you stay on track.

Ask us a question We are happy to help!

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