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Basic Acupressure for Horses

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Our barn friendly book has everything you need to get started with acupressure for your horse

Basic Acupressure for Horses
By Susan Tenney

Description: This book has everything you need to get started with acupressure for your horse. You’ll receive step-by-step instruction in basic acupressure techniques and learn the use of four important acupoints. To help you locate the points easily and accurately, there are thorough descriptions and detailed illustrations for finding each point. The author presents everything in a lively, easy-to-understand manner that appeals to both beginners and experienced practitioners. Its convenient size, water-resistant plastic cover and heavy-duty spiral binding make it a truly “barn-friendly” book.

Here is what one reader had to say about “Basic Acupressure for Horses.”

Colic Success Story: “ I received this book as a gift but never knew just how vital a tool it would become! When I was out of town for the weekend, my non-horsey husband was taking care of the horses that I board at our ranch. When one of my client’s horses began to colic, my husband called the vet but he was unable to come out until the next day. My husband called me very unsure about what to do. I suggested looking in the book for the colic point to use along with regular colic care. With this book’s detailed descriptions, my husband easily found the point and the horse’s condition improved quickly. By repeating the techniques, my husband was able to stabilize the horse – the horse loved the technique – and the horse only needed a quick checkup on the following day by the vet. I was thrilled that the situation turned out so well and I attribute it to the clear presentation of this helpful book. I would recommend it to any horse owner.”

76 pages, page size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches/14 x 21.5 cm, color cover, 24 line-drawn illustrations, plastic cover, plastic spiral binding

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