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GentlePressure™ Basic – Arizona 2023

$ 450.00

May 06-07, 2023 in Queen Creek, AZ

Join us for 2 days of exciting hands-on equine AND canine acupressure education. Open to ALL LEVELS.

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This two-day weekend clinic is designed for all people who love animals. It doesn’t matter if you are an animal lover with zero experience in equine acupressure and massage or a seasoned pro. The GentlePressure™ method is full of simple and effective hands-on techniques to encourage optimum health, behavior, and performance for animals. You’ll walk away with a ton of ultra-practical tools to help your horse or pet each and every day. These are skills that we’ve been teaching for over 25 years to people all over the world and we KNOW that these skills are learnable and usable for all animal lovers!

Your GentlePressure™ weekend class includes:

  • Easy hands-on techniques for basic massage and acupressure for horses and dogs. All methods are simple, safe, effective, and accessible to all levels of students.
  • Basic theory of how shiatsu and acupressure work. Learn why these hands-on techniques have been used for centuries (hint: it’s because they WORK.)
  • Basic safety protocol. Keep you and your animal safe and relaxed during every moment of your session together.
  • Guidelines for using GentlePressure™ right away. You’ll leave feeling confident that you can greet your animal that same night and do your first session immediately. You’ll be getting results before you know it.
  • Guidelines for integrating the GentlePressure™ techniques into everyday animal care so you can make it an easy new part of your life together. The GentlePressure™ approach can make a difference in as little as 5-10 minutes a couple of times a week.

Your GentlePressure™ course covers:

  • 10 GentlePressure™ massage and acupressure techniques that can be blended into a short 3-5 minute session or a complete 30-60 minute full body session
  • 10 acupressure GentlePoints, all of which can be used for a wide range of physical, behavioral, and performance issues
  • 3 EnergyWork techniques to activate the power of acupressure that is hiding in your hands. Skeptical? After almost 30 years of teaching these techniques we can say confidently that these simple accessible EnergyWork™ techniques work for EVERYONE – even those who don’t believe in them. PS: Your animal will respond to them regardless of any doubts and skepticism you may have.

More Questions?? We’ve got you covered! Read our complete CLINIC FACT SHEET to learn about the online part of your clinic, our full Certification Program, NBCAAM certification and so much more!

Course Runs from 9 AM to 4 PM Saturday and Sunday May 06 and 07, 2023 in Queen Creek, AZ.
Additional clinic details are available from the organizers: Kristen Guerra (your hostess) or our office at Elemental Acupressure HQ
Curious about our THIRD day of class? Get all the info about the GentlePressure PLUS here.
NOTE: In the lecture time, both large and small animal material will be covered together. In our hands-on practice time, we will split into two groups to work with either dogs and horses. You can choose to join the hands-on dog session or the hands-on horse session.
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