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It’s Elementary ON SITE (online + on-site course)

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All you need to get started with Five Element Acupressure for horses, dogs, and cats. Unlock your animal’s secret code so you can understand their health and behavior like never before. Open to all levels.

Online PLUS ONSITE edition: This course includes an ON SITE session available in limited locations.

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Our It’s Elementary GLOBAL course gives you everything you need to get started in Five Element Acupressure with the animals in your life.

It’s Elementary  introduces you to the Five Element archetypes from Classical East Asian Medicine. You’ll see how unlocking the pattern of your animal’s unique blend of these five Types reveals the deeper patterns of your animal’s health, behavior, learning, relationships, and performance.

This course is for everyone!

Are you an animal lover? This introductory course is perfect for animal lovers wanting to better understand their animals.This course will reveal incredible new insight about your animal and load you up with practical health and training approaches to make your life with your animal full of more ease and joy.

Are you an animal professional? It’s Elementary is also highly beneficial for animal professionals  who want to expand their professional offerings. You’ll gain invaluable new skills in pattern recognition for your clients and easy-to-implement skills to deepen your client services.

This class is open to all levels. If you love animals, you are ready for this course.


For the first time ever, this special edition of the It’s Elemental GLOBAL includes not only online instruction, but ALSO an in person class with one of our Elemental Acupressure Global Ambassadors.  

It’s the Best of Both Worlds! You’ll love having forever access to the online course instruction with Elemental Acupressure founder Susan Tenney AND the personalized attention in your onsite class with one of our amazing EA Global Ambassadors.

On your course date, your EA Ambassador will guide you and your classmates through the powerful insight and solutions of the Five Elements. They may also lead you through the basic acupressure points and techniques to support your animal’s unique Five Element profile.

NOTE: Please note that the ON SITE segment of your course may involve hands-on animal time or be discussion/demo only. It varies by location.  The ONLINE materials will cover BOTH horses and small animals. See below for details.

So if you have ever thought that the Five Element would be too complex or too involved to learn THIS is the course for you. We’ve stripped it down to just the essentials so it is clear and accessible AND USEFUL to so you can start getting results right away.

You’ll learn

  • How to identify the Five Element profiles in your animal
  • Acupressure Points that support each Element profile
  • Customized training approaches for each of the Five Elements
  • How to make simple lifestyle changes that support your animal’s health and happiness

ONSITE Instruction

  • Our Global Ambassador will guide you step by step through the Five Elemental Types
  • Learn in a community setting with like-minded animal lovers so that you can hear tons of student stories and real life application of the theory AND hear your Ambassador’s insight for SOLUTIONS
  • Tons of Q & A so you can get personalized answers to ALL of your Five Element questions

 Supplemental Video Instruction with forever access

  • Videos showing point location on horses and dogs
  • 3+ hours of video instruction covering Five Element theory
  • a super brief introduction to acupressure techniques

 Class Manuals for your class date AND for your ongoing practice and reference

  • Worksheets to help you learn the Five Element patterns for YOUR animal
  • Illustrated manual with point information and acupressure guidelines
  • Detailed point location diagrams for both small animals and horses
  • Two point location photo manuals – one for small animals and one for horses
  • How-to manual of basic acupressure techniques

Ongoing ONLINE support: Ongoing support in the private OFF Facebook group, the Elemental Acupressure Guild. Ask questions or post your point photos to receive personalized feedback on your work even months after your course date is over. Or, contact your own Global Ambassador for a private session to take your learning even further!

 Locations: Warnbro, Western Australia; Kaindorf, Austria; Roseburg, Oregon, USA; Aughton, Lancashire, UK;  Cleburn, TX, USA: Newcastle-upon-Tyne/Tyne & Wear, UK;  Berryville, Virginia, USA

OK, it all sounds great, but is this class right for me?

Ask us a question We are happy to help!

please note : It’s Elementary is a starter course. It is a less involved version of our more complete course, Introduction to the Five Elements for Animals The more complete class is one of our Foundations classes and is required for the Elemental Acupressure Certification Program. If you are unsure of which course is right for you feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you choose the right course for your goals.

Ask us a question—we are happy to help!

 *Disclaimer:  This course is NOT a substitute for proper medical care from your veterinary professional. If your animal needs medical care, see your trusted veterinarian FIRST then use Five Element Acupressure to support your animal further.

PHOTO CREDIT: Thank you to Kristin Esterly for her lovely photo of her happy horses used above


Warnbro Western Australia, Kaindorf, Austria, Roseburg OR, USA, Echandens VD, Switzerland, Montmollin NE, Switzerland, Liverpool UK, Consett, County Durham, UK, Cleburne TX, USA, Berryville VA, USA

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