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The Meridian Series Bundle

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Learn the details of all 12 primary channels of both horses and small animals in our complete Meridian series. Includes FOUR online courses.  See More

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Learn all 12 primary channel pathways for HORSES and DOGS in great detail in our complete 4 COURSE BUNDLE, the Meridian Series. When purchased as a bundle you save $90!

You’ll learn the complete pathway of all 12 channels on horses and small animals as well as a collection of more than 15 new powerful points for your acupressure toolbox.

Live meetings with replays will cover the pathways in live animal demos on horses and dogs (and cats when possible) from 8 meetings held live in 2023.

This course bundle also includes a step by step tutorial for painting the channel pathways on a horse and dog model. By the end of the last course in this four course series you’ll have a complete 3D model of the channel network for your reference.

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