Elemental Acupressure

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The Practice of Elemental Acupressure

Tell me more about the practice of Elemental Acupressure

At Elemental Acupressure we combine a number of approaches to help animals feel their best

Acupressure practitioners apply gentle hands-on pressure to specific points on the body to improve health and behavior. These techniques are safe, effective and easy to use.    Learn more here

Shiatsu blends massage, acupressure and stretching. Shiatsu’s gentle strokes relax the mind and muscles and enhance well-being.        Learn more here

EnergyWork is an intuitive technique that helps practitioners identify and balance physical and emotional stress in the body. EnergyWork provides a practical way to strengthen intuitive ability and enhance understanding of the healing process.

Five Element Theory
This theory has been a part of traditional medicine in China for thousands of years and forms the foundation of Elemental Acupressure. The Five Element theory helps identify the deep source of behavioral issues and health conditions in animals and people.      Learn more here

The Practice of Elemental Acupressure 1
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