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Five Element Course Bundle

$ 1,425.00

Purchase all 7 intermediate level Five Element courses and receive a $150 discount. PLUS a Bonus course, Thrive in Five, which acts as a perfect review of the basic 5 Element Types. Full details

You’ve dipped your toe into Five Element Theory for Animals and now you want MORE!

This course bundle lets you dive in head first.

In this Course Bundle you’ll have access to our entire Five Element course series with a full course on each of the Five Elements. In each course you’ll learn how to recognize the Elemental pattern in animals and how to help that animal get healthier and happier through acupressure, bodywork, and lifestyle changes in the Element.

Each single Element course (Wood, Fire 1, Fire 2, Earth, Metal, and Water) covers:

  • How to recognize the Element in the animals in your life (and/or professional practice) through the signs of the Element Type in horses and small animals
  • A thorough discussion of typical (and not so typical) patterns seen in animals who need support for that Elemental Type- including health, behavior, and performance indications
  • A deep dive into the function of the two organs that are associated with the Element so you can understand the health and wellness of each Elemental Type and how to help them function at their optimum levels
  • 10 powerful acupressure points on the two channels associated with the Element so you have a greatly expanded toolbox for helping animals of each Type.
  • and more…
The 5 Element Session Work Course sums up the entire series by covering:
  • How to do a complete intake of indications from your animal or your client’s animal
  • How to analyze that information to discern the Elemental Type even when the pattern is complex
  • How to devise a successful and efficient session strategy of points and other bodywork approaches to address the pattern you have revealed
  • How to set your sessions up for consistent success and excellent client communication

In each course you will have instant access to your pre-recorded materials including detailed pdf manuals covering the theory as well as full color photo manuals displaying incredible detail of the point location on live animals. You will have many hours of pre-recorded instruction that will take your Elemental knowledge to a whole new level. Students have forever access to these materials.

Students are also receive a forever invitation to all live online meetings for these classes. These meetings are so popular and beloved that students return year after year to continue their learning journey. We even offer live animal demos online with our talented Associate Instructors during these meetings which are always a highlight of the course!

This 7 Course Bundle is for the intermediate student who has experience in the Five Elements from Elemental Acupressure or other sources. (We recommend beginners start with the Introduction to Acupressure and Introduction to Five Elements courses before diving into the deep end.)

As a fun bonus for joining us in this course bundle, we offer not only the 10% discount of $150 dollars but ALSO access to our mini-course, Thrive in Five. This course is the perfect review for students who have studied with us before or the perfect 5 Element introduction for a student who is new to our version of the Five Elements after studying elsewhere.

NOTE: Students who purchase this course bundle will receive instant access to the first four courses. The remaining courses in the bundle will be assigned to your course account within 48 hours. Thank you for understanding.

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