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Introduction to Acupressure for Animals

$ 225.00

Put the power of safe, simple, and effective acupressure at your fingertips. Your animals will be so glad you did! Open to all levels.

Ready to learn some acupressure? We can’t wait to share it with you!

In this course you’ll learn super simple ways to keep the animals in your life happier and healthier on all levels. You’ll also watch how this practice brings you together through touch.

Introduction to Acupressure for Animals is one of our Foundation classes. This class is also included in our Acupressure Foundations Bundle which gives students a 15% discount on three of our most core level acupressure courses (Intro to Acu, Intro to Shiatsu, and Intro to the 5 Elements).

Join us for this class to add some great new techniques to your animal care tool box or use it as the start to a whole new acupressure adventure with your animals.

You’ll learn:

  • Simple hands-on techniques for doing acupressure safely and effectively
  • Points that cover all the basics from digestive health to back pain to relaxation
  • Guidelines for making acupressure a part of your everyday routine

Video Instruction:

  • Videos showing point location on horses and dogs
  • Videos demonstrating how to use the points in a gentle flowing sequence
  • 4+ hours of video instruction covering acupressure theory and techniques

Class Manuals:

  • Illustrated manual with point information and acupressure guidelines
  • Detailed anatomical point location diagrams
  • Two full color point location photo manuals—one for small animals and one for horses
  • Full color photo how-to manual of basic acupressure techniques

Direct Access to your Instructor:

  • Periodically we run a series of live online meetings for students to give extra support for the learning process. Students who purchase this course are invited to join any of the meetings for this course in the future.
  • Ready for some feedback on your progress? We are here to help! Send us homework exercises and videos of you practicing acupressure on animals or post in the special OFF Facebook group just for your class. Your instructor will send back tips and feedback to make sure you stay on track.

Ok, it all sounds great, but is this class right for me?

Ask us a question We are happy to help!

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