Canine Anatomy

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This class puts basic canine anatomy at your fingertips so you can feel ease and confidence when locating acupressure points on your dog.

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Anatomy is THE way to make learning acupoint locations easier! This class puts basic anatomy at your fingertips so you can feel confident with your point location and bodywork with dogs. Your acupressure will improve and your vet will see you in a whole new light.

This course is taught by Susan Tenney who was initially intimidated by learning anatomy. But when she started learning anatomy she marveled at how much it improved her point accuracy, helped her understand the biomechanical issues of her animal clients, and allowed her to speak with confidence to veterinarians.

You’ll learn

  • Basic skeletal and muscular anatomy so that you can better understand canine structure
  • Bony landmarks on the surface of the dog’s body that act as guide posts for finding the acupoints
  • Basic anatomy terminology so you can speak with vets and read veterinary texts with greater ease

Video Instruction

  • You’ll get a detailed tour of the entire biomechanical structure in a clear accessible manner designed for ALL levels, not just the pros
  • You’ll receive a detailed explanation of how to use anatomy in your acupressure and bodywork
  • You’ll also watch ultra-practical hands-on anatomy exercises on live dogs so you too can find those bones and muscles hiding beneath the skin of the dogs in your life

Class Manuals

  • Detailed manual covering the skeleton, bony landmarks, and muscle anatomy
  • Beautiful richly detailed illustrations drawn by our tremendous veterinary illustrator, Jeanne Peter, who served as head illustrator for the veterinary department for the University of Zurich, Switzerland

Direct Access to your Instructor

For students joining us in Summer 2020: we will be holding live online meetings to share how to really TOUCH the anatomy, especially the bony landmarks. We will also be doing hands on exercises with DIY models to reinforce your learning. Join these meetings and watch exactly how we find those spots on your animals!

Did you miss the live classes in Summer 2020? No worries! We will share the recordings of those live sessions with you so you can have the guided learning experience as if you were in the live class. We invite you to share any questions or experiences with your instructors in the EA Student Circle (our private student Facebook group) or reach out to us privately. We are always happy to help you get the most out of your course.

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