EnergyWork – Cleanout

$ 150.00

This class is Part Two in our EnergyWork series. Join us for this class to add some powerful new energetic techniques to your animal care (and self-care) tool box or use it as an introduction to a whole new energetic aspect of your work with animals.

Our Cosmic Circuit and Cleanout class gives you everything you need to get started your practice with EnergyWork.

You’ll learn

  • Simple meditation techniques for grounding your energy safely and effectively
  • A quick clean out technique to supplement your grounding skills
  • Guidelines for integrating grounding into your acupressure sessions and your everyday life

Video Instruction

  • Videos showing the technique for each part of the EnergyWork method
  • Videos guiding you through each part of the technique so you can practice easily and effectively
  • Discussion on the benefits and application of EnergyWork techniques in your practice

Class Manuals

  • Detailed manual covering the techniques
  • Beautiful colorful illustrations showing each step of the meditations

Direct Access to your Instructor

  • Live online meetings in May 2020 with your teachers, Jonathan Cohn and Susan Tenney
  • Unlimited participation in our live online study group for students

Ask us a question We are happy to help!

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