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EnergyWork – EnergyReading™

$ 225.00

EnergyWork: EnergyReadings™ integrates your skills so you can do a complete EnergyWork™ session. Part 3 in our EnergyWork™ series.

Once you have learned the basic EnergyWork™ skills in the Grounding and Clean Out classes you are ready for the course that draws it all together. EnergyWork: EnergyReadings™ shows you how to conduct an entire EnergyWork™ session from start to finish using one coherent approach. Integrate these techniques into your hands-on acupressure sessions or use them as a complete stand-alone method for working with animals. Expand your options for your work and greatly improve your ability to work with energy in all methods.

This class is Part Three in our EnergyWork™ series.

Our students continue to be amazed at how exciting, accessible, and effective these energetic techniques are.

You’ll learn

    • How to do an energy reading technique to assess the state of the animal or person
    • How to choose the best energetic healing approaches for your session
    • How to do simple but powerful energy techniques either in person or at a distance
    • How to assess if other approaches such as acupressure or lifestyle changes might be helpful for the animal

Video Instruction

This course is offered as an experiential learning process. There are no pre-recorded videos. Your online meetings will be an guided apprenticeship which allow you build skill through practice. You will learn by participating in the sessions and discussing your experiences in the group. If at all possible we recommend participating in the live practice sessions. Students may also participate by listening to the replays if they are unable to attend live.

Direct Access to your Instructor

  • For prospective students in Summer 2022: Your instructor, Jonathan Cohn, will lead your class through multiple live online sessions. In each session he will guide you in his step by step approach so you gain proficiency and confidence in your work.
  • Did you miss the live classes in Summer 2022? No worries! We will share the recordings of those live sessions with you so you can have the guided learning experience as if you were in the live class. We invite you to share any questions or experiences with your instructors in the EA Guild (our private student group) or reach out to us privately. We are always happy to help you get the most out of your course.
  • Unlimited participation in our live online meetings led by your teacher – currently held in one two week period each year. These meetings are free of charge to all paid students of this class.
  • As a paid member of this course you are also invited to attend the live Study Group sessions for this technique. Please note that these quarterly live practice sessions include a fee for attendance by way of the monthly subscription to the Study Group Membership.

Ask us a question We are happy to help!

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