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It’s Elementary! DIY edition

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Unlock your animal’s secret code so you can understand their unique health and behavior needs with ease. Open to all levels. More details

Unlock your animal’s secret code to health and happiness with our brand new course, It’s Elementary. This new course is designed as a first glance at the beauty and wisdom of Five Element theory for animals.

ALL levels are welcome and will benefit from this starter course.

This course starts at the beginning. We’ll take a look at how Classical Chinese Medicine describes five different Types (archetypes or temperaments) that make up your animal’s being. Then we’ll see how those archetypes influence the health and behavior of your animal at the very deepest levels.

By the time you reach the end of the course, you’ll see how the five Types play out in your animals. You’ll also have practical tools from acupressure to training strategies to help your  animal thrive.

And we’ll do this all by keeping everything clear,  practical, and ACCESSIBLE for EVERY animal lover.

You’ll learn

  • How to identify the Five Element profiles in your animal so that you better understand your animal’s unique and wonderful nature
  • Acupressure Points that support each Element profile so you can use simple touch points to help your animal feel great
  • Customized training approaches for each of the Five Element Types so learning becomes easier and lower stress for BOTH of you
  • How to make simple lifestyle changes that support your animal’s unique health and happiness needs to that you can skip what works for others and focus only on what REALLY works for your animal

Video Instruction

  • Videos showing point location on horses and dogs – SO much easier than learning from a book!
  • 3+ hours of video instruction covering Five Element theory in a way that is quick and easy for all animal lovers
  • a super brief introduction to acupressure techniques so you can start getting results right away

Class Manuals

  • Worksheets to guide you step by step through the Five Element patterns for YOUR animal
  • Illustrated manual with practical point information and streamlined acupressure guidelines
  • Detailed point location diagrams for both small animals and horses with NO fancy anatomy language
  • Two point location photo manuals – one for small animals and one for horses
  • How-to manual of basic acupressure techniques

Direct Access to your Instructor

  • Recordings for the Online Meetings we held for this class in the past are included so you have even MORE learning opportunities
  • Ready for some feedback on your progress? We are here to help! Send us your point photos and videos of you practicing acupressure on animals or post in the special Online Group just for your class. This group lives in our private site, the Elemental Acupressure Guild, NOT on Facebook. Your instructor will send back tips and feedback to make sure you get the support you need.

please note : It’s Elementary is a starter course. It is a less involved version of our more complete course, Introduction to the Five Elements for Animals The more complete class is one of our Foundations classes and is required for the Elemental Acupressure Certification Program. If you are unsure of which course is right for you feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you choose the right course for your goals.

Ask us a question—we are happy to help!

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