Introduction to the Five Elements

$ 150.00

In our Introduction to the Five Elements class you’ll learn how to identify the Five Element patterns in the animals in your life. You’ll also learn how to alleviate Five Element health and behavior issues using safe and simple acupressure and lifestyle changes. This class is open and available for all levels.

The Five Elements are at the foundation of what we do here at Elemental Acupressure. Come see how your animal can benefit from the profound insights this beautiful and powerful theory can share with you and your animal.


Most people look at their animal’s behavioral issues and physical symptoms and see a bunch of separate, disconnected problems. What if you were able to tie everything together and see a clear holistic pattern?

Introduction to the Five Elements shows you how to identify these patterns, alleviate symptoms, and improve behavior with acupressure and simple lifestyle changes.

You’ll learn

  • How to identify the Five Element profiles in your animal
  • Acupressure Points that support optimum health
  • Customized training approaches for each of the Five Elements
  • How to make simple lifestyle changes that support your animal’s health and happiness

Video Instruction

  • Videos showing point location on horses and dogs
  • Videos demonstrating a gentle flowing point sequence for each individual Element
  • 5+ hours of video instruction covering Five Element theory and acupressure techniques

Class Manuals

  • Detailed text manual summarizing the Five Elements
  • Illustrated manual with point information and acupressure guidelines for each Element
  • Detailed anatomical point location diagrams for both small animals and horses
  • Two point location photo manuals – one for small animals and one for horses
  • How-to manual of basic acupressure techniques

Direct Access to your Instructor

  • Ready for some feedback on your progress? We are here to help! Send us homework exercises and videos of you practicing acupressure on animals or post in the special Facebook group just for your class. Your instructor will send back tips and feedback to make sure you stay on track.
  • Periodically we run a series of live online meetings for students to give extra support for the learning process. Students who purchase this course are invited to join any of the meetings for this course in the future.
Ask us a question—we are happy to help!
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