EnergyWork™ Course Bundle

$ 769.00

Purchase all four of our hugely popular EnergyWork™ courses!

Receive the No Pressure Acupressure ™ course (value $29) as a bonus.

Join our hugely popular series of EnergyWork™ courses and receive our No Pressure Acupressure™ course as a bonus!

What makes acupressure and shiatsu even more effective than other forms of massage and bodywork? ENERGY.

But even though energy is what makes acupressure so special, not all those who teach acupressure bother to teach the energetic skills. So while learning energetic skills is WAY easier than most folks expect, and just about ANYONE can learn it,  you’ve got to find a school that embraces the beauty of EnergyWork™.

Here at Elemental Acupressure we make EnergyWork™ a central part of all the work we do!

We LOVE sharing energetic healing skills with our students so that they can share those skills with the animals in their lives. And while many start out thinking they won’t be able to do it or that it is too esoteric, they are AMAZED to find that not only can they do it, but that it is hugely useful to their acupressure and their lives.

So come join our EnergyWork™ classes, led by EA co-founders, Jonathan Cohn and Susan Tenney. We’ll take you step by step through everything you need to get started with this exciting work!

 PLUS we are throwing in the course “No Pressure Acupressure™” as a bonus (a $29 value)

Course Bundle Includes: (feel free to use these links to read more about these single courses that make up the bundle.)

Note: It may take 48 hours from your purchase time until you see the courses in your course account. We need to load them manually but you WILL receive your courses.

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