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Thrive in Five – 5 Minute Solutions with the 5 Elements

$ 15.00

Your animal is unique – Learn your animal’s unique 5 Element Type so you can CUSTOMIZE health and wellness choices to help your animal thrive.

Your animal is unique – So why use GENERAL health care and training advice to solve the your animal’s UNIQUE issues?

Join our BRAND NEW Mini-Class to transform your animal’s wellness with CUSTOM solutions using techniques that take only 5 minutes to implement! And these solutions are FREE – the’re just waiting for you in your fingertips.

These CUSTOMIZED solutions mean that you can select health care and training approaches tailored specifically to your animal’s needs and get FAR more successful results with less effort, less time researching alllll the approaches, and far more success.

What kinds of approaches? How about customized:

  • health and wellness
  • training, performance, and even competition strategies
  • movement and joint health
  • nutrition
  • aging advice
  • lifestyle choices for a low stress environment according to your animal’s Type
  • socialization including herd/pack/pride dynamics
  • even how to best CONNECT for the most fulfilling relationship ever

You need solutions that are tailor made for your animal’s UNIQUE needs. But how do you find which approaches will work for your animal?

In this 2 hour+ online Mini-Class – recorded live in March 2022 – I reveal the 5 Element TYPES so that you can start to customize your animal’s health care and training.

These Five Element Types are centuries old archetypes from Classical Chinese Medicine. They are still used today because they WORK. Here at Elemental Acupressure, we love working with the 5 Elements so much we named our entire business after them!

We’ve shared the beauty and wisdom of these Types with animal lovers and their people for 30 years. Now it’s YOUR turn to be able to rely on them to help your animal thrive.

In this short format class, we’ll give you a first glimpse at the 5 Types so that you can identify which of the Five Element Types are most prominent in your animal. Then we’ll show you how to start making training and wellness choices customized to your animal’s TYPE – no matter the age, sport, or species. 

You’ll even learn 5 simple acupressure points to support your animal’s Type so that you can not only have INSIGHT into your animal’s Type, you can also have practical SKILLS to put that insight into ACTION. Used regularly in our Thrive in Five Protocol which only takes five minutes, this customized point protocol can create remarkable changes in your animal’s wellness and performance.

This Micro-Class includes forever access to the recording of our live meeting plus a pdf handout with the acupressure technique and point locations for easy implementation.

Members also receive access to the private OFF FACEBOOK group in our Elemental Acupressure Guild community. That means you get to ask all the questions and get personalized feedback on your work.

So don’t skip this great starter class! At this price there is zero reason to miss it!

Questions? send us a message We are ALWAYS happy to help!

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